7 September 2018

CZ 527 Upgrade

One of the most refined light rifles ever, the legendary CZ 527 “mini mauser”, has a long history that can be traced back to 1948. It would be hard to find better evidence of the extraordinary qualities of this model. In 2018, this model series shall undergo an extensive upgrade whose aim is to catch up with the current trends and offer customers the best ever performance and parameters.

Let us briefly go back in history. The CZ 527 light rifles originated in Zbrojovka Brno, where they were manufactured under the name Vierling and later the ZKW 465 Hornet. Since 1967, these weapons have been produced in CZ. In the 1970s they bore the name ZKB 680 Fox, in the 1980s it was the ZKW 680 Fox model 2. The CZ 527 model series was first introduced in 1990.

Over the years, these original Czech “mini mausers” would continuously reflect the changes in the calibre preferences, show modifications of some design features and, of course, see different materials and technologies being used in production. However, the heart of the design, the work of the legendary Koucký Brothers, remains unchanged and healthier than ever, even after an incredible seven decades. So, the heart of the design has not been touched in the latest upgrade either. Otherwise, there are a number of significant innovations:

The receiver of all CZ 527 models has been adapted for manufacture on modern CNC turning centres from solid material with all the bonuses this method brings and which ultimately results in increased accuracy of the weapon.

All CZ 527 models with mechanical sights have borrowed both the front and rear sights from the CZ 557 rifle. It means these models have a side-adjustable (and reversible) sloped rear sight blade and a height-adjustable front sight accentuated by red fibre optics. This solution is especially suitable for shooting at moving targets.

The surface finish of the stocks of the CZ 527 rifles with mechanical sights plus the Exclusive Ebony Edition variants (including the new CZ 527 MTR) has changed from lacquer to oil. The reason for this is not just a more elegant look and perfect impregnation but also allows easier repairs of scratches and dents.

More and more CZ 527 models are equipped with muzzle threads for the attachment of a silencer and other accessories. The aim of CZ is to gradually apply these modifications to all CZ 527 rifles without mechanical sights.

From the second half of 2018, all metal parts of the CZ 527 rifles should be finished with blasting. The result will be a satin matte finish with less reflection and higher resistance to corrosion.

*CZ 527 Carbine*
*CZ 527 Synthetic*
*CZ 527 Varmint Laminated*

Source: CZUB