12 February 2020

CZ P-10 Micro – new level EDC pistol

When the first model of the CZ P-10 series was launched in 2017, CZ talked about a new level of defence and service striker-fired pistols with a polymer frame. And it was not just a marketing slogan. Civilian shooters as well as customers from the ranks of armed forces soon found out that the P tens, thanks to their sophisticated and partly completely original design, really brought about significant improvements in some key properties and parameters. It resulted in great commercial success, followed by rapid extending of the offer with other versions. The most recent model in this excellent series is the super-compact CZ P-10 M, or the Micro.

The fact that the market lacked some products is sometimes realized by customers only when they get to touch them. And it is exactly the case of the CZ P-10 series. After a long period of hegemony of an already aged Austrian design and its more or less striking copies it suddenly becomes clear that pistols fitted with a linear, partly pre-cocked striker and a polymer frame can also be made differently. And that it can be a big plus for the user.

Just to put it right: The main features of the P tens follow the existing proven canon of defence and service pistols. However, they differ in several design nodes and details. But these nodes and details are so important that all CZ P-10 series pistols, compared to the competition, can be controlled much more comfortably and enable much easier precise shooting.

It is primarily thanks to the patented trigger and firing mechanism. The trigger of CZ P-10 models pleasantly surprises with its nice basic trigger pull around 26 N, smooth movement and, last but not least, with significantly shortened resetting length. And this all while maintaining the maximum safety of the pistol, meaning that the pistol can only be fired when the trigger is completely pulled (once the slide is locked, of course).

Another major improvement, compared to the competition, involves the ergonomics, which is decisive for whether and how comfortably, quickly and accurately the pistol can be fired. This is a traditional strength of all CZ firearms. However, in the case of the CZ P-10 series CZUB did not leave anything to chance and utilized the new scientific method of Digital Firearm Ergonomic Design. Thanks to this, the grips of all P tens fit perfectly in the hand of the overwhelming majority of the population. A matter of course is – with an exception of the extraordinarily small super-compact – the possibility of a partial change of the grip with the use of replaceable backstraps. The general shape of all CZ P-10 models enables intuitive and precise aiming. Thanks to the distinct chequering, the quality of grip does not change even after longer shooting or in a situation when the shooter’s hands are not dry for various reasons.

Other great pluses of the P tens include the extraordinarily long service life of the main and minor components as well as the extremely durable surface treatment.

Something for everybody

Already since the first introduction of the CZ P-10 series, CZUB was declaring that its aim is to present a truly comprehensible line of striker-fired defence and service pistols. This mission has been accomplished in just three years.

At present, this series includes a full-size model (CZ P-10 F), a compact model (CZ P-10 C), a so-called semi-compact model (CZ P-10 SC), where a standard barrel and slide are fitted on a compact frame, a sub-compact model (CZ P-10 S) and now a super-compact model (CZ P-10 M) as well. The offer is gradually supplemented with versions with the frame in the popular FDE (Flat Dark Earth) colour and with a version marked as OR (Optics Ready), with the slide adapted for easy and at the same time robust mount of a red dot sight.

When somebody is not satisfied with the basic factory design, they can look at our gradually extending aftermarket offer – for the time being just in the Czech Republic, but an expansion to certain other countries is planned – and assemble their dream firearm using our excellent on-line configurator (www.czconfigurator.com).

All models are available in the 9 × 19 mm caliber, the compact and full-size models also in the 9 × 21 mm caliber for export to countries the legislation of which forbids civilian users from using a Luger nine millimetre pistol. It is for the same reason that CZ P-10 C is also produced in the 9 mm Browning short caliber (.380 Auto). A separate category is represented by service versions of the C and F models in the 9 mm NATO caliber, which are supplied exclusively to official armed forces.

Successful miniaturization

What is most attractive on the brand new CZ P-10 M super-compact is that it offers all key advantages of this series in the form optimized for comfortable everyday concealed carry (so-called EDC), while maintaining constant readiness for immediate and highly efficient use.

This lovely micro-pistol in the powerful 9 × 19 mm caliber weighs just 575 grams without ammunition. Its total length is 160 mm and the barrel length is 85 mm, the height with a basic magazine is 112 mm. What is especially important for concealed carry is the maximum width – CZUB has managed to get to 25.5 mm, i.e., around one inch. Just for comparison, the width of the smallest P ten available so far, the subcompact marked S, is 32 mm.

CZ designers have managed to achieve this small width thanks to a new magazine with the capacity of 7 rounds, in which cartridges are arranged in a compromising manner, so to speak, in the form usually called one and half column. Although it looks more like a single-column magazine from the point of view of common users. In any case, the designers have successfully managed to balance the width to length ratio in terms of production and design, and all that while ensuring comfortable loading and fault-free function.

The basic CZ P-10 M magazine features a polymer base with chequered front surface for a better hold of the pistol grip. The recesses on the sides of the magazine base facilitate the manual extraction of the magazine. However, we can look forward to duralumin magazine bases, which will partially increase the magazine capacity without significantly enlarging the overall dimensions of the firearm.

The new magazine has enabled significant narrowing of the pistol grip. But the Micro, in line with its purpose, is generally very flat, which has been achieved especially by omitting the outer slide stop finger pieces and by changing the method of stripping. The first point that was mentioned does not mean that the CZ P-10 M lacks the locked-open position of the slide; although it is not considered necessary for the EDC category pistols, CZ follows the strategy of providing the customers with as many options as possible and leaving it up to them whether to use them or not. Therefore, once the last cartridge is fired from the magazine, the slide is caught in the rear position and the user can release it by pulling the slide backwards a bit. For disassembling, the spring-biased both-sided finger-piece has been replaced by a classical pin, which can be pushed out using the magazine base. The head of the pin on the right is provided along its circumference with a neck for easier extracting – an excellent idea.

As we have already briefly mentioned, the grip, due to its size (being minute) lacks replaceable backstraps. One cannot expect ergonomic miracles from such a small firearm, but, despite of this, CZUB has managed to design a grip that is good to hold and enables quick and accurate shooting. Although the grip is by far not as comfortable as with the bigger P tens, of course.

What is interesting is the retained MIL-STD-1913 mounting rail with a transverse notch in the front part of the frame. Again in the spirit of the CZ strategy – most customers will not make use of it but the choice is theirs.

What else is different on the CZ P-10 M: the basic version offers just the left-side magazine release button (with an aftermarket option of its replacement with a right-side button), a light-weight trigger tab with an integrated safety, and the rear face of the slide better preventing dirt from entering the firearm mechanism. Despite the noticeable reduction of the firearm dimensions, CZ has managed to maintain ten grip grooves at the rear of the slide, and just one grip groove had to be removed from the front of the slide. It is an insignificant difference for the user, as the Micro can be reliably cocked by the ordinary grip even with dirty hands.


Testing so far has proven that the new miniaturized P ten is a firearm very reliable with various types of ammunition, highly safe and surprisingly accurate as well as exceptionally user-friendly. During long-term concealed carrying you will surely appreciate its extremely durable surface treatment. And in the long term, you will be pleased by the significantly enhanced service life of the main components, especially if you intend to engage in proper shooting practice more intensely.

In short, the new CZ P-10 M model will become an unmissable player in the EDC category and a highly attractive choice for all who expect more than just the smallest possible size from a super-compact.