20 November 2019

CZ Pistols Scored in the IPSC Championship in Latin America

The CZ SHADOW 2 and CZ 75 TS ORANGE sport pistols celebrate further achievements. This time, they claimed the top places in the Latin American IPSC Championship.

Another IPSC shooting competition took place this year in October in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and two shooters of the CZ Shooting Team showed their skills. Argentine natives Gaston Quindi Vallerga and German Romitelli defeated nearly a hundred rivals and, despite bad weather conditions, won two champion titles. Gaston Q. Vallerga with his CZ 75 TS ORANGE pistol became the Latin American Champion in the Standard division. The Latin American Champion of the Production division is German Romitelli using the CZ Shadow 2 pistol.

Congratulations to both of you. We are proud that the CZ Shooting Team has such great shooters.