2 July 2021

CZG Appoints Jan Drahota as New Chairman of the Board

Prague (2 July 2021) - Jan Drahota has been appointed as the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of CZG - Česká zbrojovka Group SE (“CZG” or the “Group”), effective 1 July 2021. Mr. Drahota also serves as the Group’s Chief Financial Officer. Furthermore, the Group’s Board of Directors has elected Jana Růžičková as the Vice-Chairwoman.

Lubomír Kovařík, until now the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, will continue to serve in the Group as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

“I am greatly honoured to take over the leadership of the Group from Lubomír Kovařík today. Mr. Kovařík did an incredible job in his stewardship of, first, Česká zbrojovka and subsequently CZG. The bar is set high. I believe that together we will continue to set the course and develop the Group further,” commented on the new division of responsibilities Jan Drahota, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CZG.

Dennis Veilleux, who represents the Colt Group, and Jan Holeček, who leads CZG’s global sales activities, have been also appointed to the CZG Board of Directors, effective 1 July.

About CZG - Česká zbrojovka Group SE

CZG – Česká zbrojovka Group (CZG), together with its subsidiaries, is one of the leading producers of firearms for military and law enforcement, personal defence, hunting, sport shooting and other commercial use. CZG markets and sells its products mainly under the CZ (Česká zbrojovka), CZ-USA, Colt, Colt Canada, Dan Wesson, Brno Rifles and 4M Systems brands. CZG’s subsidiaries include Česká zbrojovka, Colt’s Manufacturing Company, Colt Canada Corporation, CZ-USA, 4M Systems and CZ Export Praha. CZG also owns a minority stake in Spuhr i Dalby, a Swedish manufacturer of optical mounting solutions for firearms.

CZG is headquartered in the Czech Republic and has production facilities in the Czech Republic, the United States and Canada. It employs around 2,000 people in the Czech Republic, the USA, Canada and Germany.

Contact for media
Eva Svobodová, External Relations Director, CZG – Česká zbrojovka Group SE
Tel.: +420 735 793 656, email: media@czg.cz

Contact for investors
Klára Šípová, Investor Relations, CZG – Česká zbrojovka Group SE
Tel.: + 420 724 255 715, email: sipova.klara@czg.cz