31 March 2022

CZG's response to information from the Novinky.cz and Aktuálně.cz servers

Prague (31 March 2022) - CZG - Česká zbrojovka Group SE ("CZG") noted the articles by the Novinky.cz and Aktuálně.cz servers, according to which the CZ BREN 2 PPS precision rifles, which are products of CZG’s subsidiary Česká zbrojovka, delivered to the Army of the Czech Republic (“AČR”) are failing. Aktuálně.cz cites unspecified “sources” and “experts”, according to which this supposed failure is caused by “probably poor-quality material or faulty construction (…), maybe both problems.”

CZG states that the BREN 2 PPS rifle was subjected to a number of tests as part of the control and military testing conducted by the AČR, including the testing the service life of the rifle for 10,000 shots. The CZ BREN 2 PPS rifle passed demanding tests under difficult conditions, such as tests at low and high temperatures, tests in sand, mud, shooting into failure, accuracy, durability, etc. During the tests, the weapon met all the requirements for reliability in accordance with the NATO standards and AČR requirements for individual types of ammunition.

The defects in CZ BREN 2 PPS rifles, described by the Novinky.cz and Aktuálně.cz servers, were, as follows from statements by the spokespersons of the Ministry of Defense and the AČR for these servers, caused by using a different type of ammunition. In this case, the user used ammunition that did not comply with STANAG 2310 Small Arms Ammunition (7.62 mm), as required by the technical conditions of the firearm, and as recommended during the military tests.

Testing the possibility of using ammunition of the same caliber, but intended for other weapons, was the subject of the military tests, among other things. The CZ BREN 2 rifle showed the ability to use standardized ammunition 7.62x51 mm NATO, which is used in machine guns. For ammunition for special, i.e., sniper weapons that do not operate in automatic mode have not been recommended for use in this firearm.

The Bren 2 PPS rifle met all the parameters set by the control and military tests and was introduced into use in the Army of the Czech Republic. The weapon is accurate and reliable, ergonomically friendly, durable, made of high-quality materials.


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