7 September 2018

Gushchina, Šebo and Havlíček African Champions!

Between 10 and 15 July, the IPSC African Handgun Championships were held in Polokwane, Limpopo province, South Africa. Maria Gushchina, Robin Šebo and Miroslav Havlíček gave an outstanding performance with all three winning gold medals in their respective divisions.

The three shooters from the CZ Shooting Team who represented CZ in Polokwane showed that they are the world’s best. They each achieved the ultimate result – a place on the podium and a gold medal in their respective categories.

Robin Šebo triumphed in the Production Division, followed by Maria Gushchina who lost with a margin of less than 3 %. She not only won the Lady Division but left behind the rest of the men in the Production Division. Both shooters won their medals with the CZ Shadow 2 sport pistol which was included into the Production Division in 2017. Shooters may only use factory made models with open sights and no additional adjustments or modifications.

Miroslav Havlíček demonstrated his qualities in the Open Division achieving the best results and a well-deserved gold medal. He used the CZ 75 TS Czechmate pistol. There are no limitations on pistols in the Open Division, the participants may therefore use individually modified or specially built models. These weapons usually have collimator sights, extended magazines and muzzle climb compensators.

In addition, CZ operated a stand at the event where both the visitors and the shooters had a chance to inspect weapons from the CZ portfolio. Particularly this year’s new pistol model, the CZ Shadow 2 Optics Ready sport special, received a lot of attention.

CZ would like to say congratulations to the shooters for their excellent results and wish them the best success in the upcoming events.


PRODUCTION Division Overall

  1. Robin Šebo (CZE), CZ Shooting Team, 100 %
  2. Maria Gushchina (RUS), CZ Shooting Team, 97.33 %
  3. Chris Tilley (USA), 89.90 %

OPEN Division

  1. Miroslav Havlíček (CZE), CZ Shooting Team, 100 %
  2. Thomas Montgomery (RSA), 98.78 %
  3. Dylan Henstock (RSA), 92.85 %
*Robin Šebo*
*Maria Gushchina*

Source: CZUB