7 September 2018

Kadet adapters for CZ P-09, CZ 75 SP-01 and CZ Shadow 2 pistols

Despite all the advances in the field of shooting accessories, the good old .22 LR cartridge remains the most realistic and affordable solution for training, fitness and fun shooting. CZ has therefore brought you yet more models of the third generation of rimfire Kadet adapters for CZ pistols.

In 2016, CZ introduced a Kadet conversion for the CZ P-07 polymer compact, using a single piece dynamic slide made of high quality duralumin used in the aviation industry. Unlike its predecessors of the same name, the new adapter can be attached to the pistol without the need of fitting and the controls are the same as on a large-calibre weapon.

The innovative design of the duralumin Kadet made its appearance at the time when the demand for rimfire models of defence and service semi-automatic pistols began to grow. Hence the response it received was great and it was only a question of time and the availability of development capacities for its variants to come for other CZ pistols.

The right moment obviously has come in 2018, with CZ introducing three more Kadets for a very interesting selection of models. It is no surprise to see that one model is intended for the standard sized polymer SA/DA CZ-09 pistol. After all, this is the big sister of the CZ P-07 compact, so one could follow a well-trodden path. But could anyone have guessed that a similar solution of a rimfire conversion would also come for the all-steel CZ 75 SP-01 and CZ Shadow 2 models?

CZ P-09 Kadet

There is no need for lengthy introductions here. This model has everything we are already familiar with from the CZ P-07 adapter, just modified for slightly larger dimensions. Though, one thing that hasn’t changed is the magazine capacity. Due to the specific shape of the .22 LR cartridges, 10 rounds is simply a reliable maximum. A welcome innovation is the adjustable rear sight borrowed from the CZ Shadow 2 model, which enables the user to react to the varying performances of countless cartridge brands and versions of the .22 cartridge more easily and quickly. (The same rear sight is now used in the CZ P-07 Kadet as well).

The CZ P-09 Kadet is available as a separate conversion as well as a complete and affordable rimfire pistol.

*CZ 75 SP-01 Kadet*

If any of you find the name CZ 75 SP-01 Kadet familiar, you are right – this tactical and sports SA/DA pistol that is based on the traditional CZ 75 previously used a second-generation all-steel adapter of the same name. However, the new duralumin conversion offers a number of advantages, chiefly the simple mounting and shape, as well as controls similar to a large-calibre model. 

Regarding the concept, this model uses a solution of the CZ P-07/CZ P-09, the fundamental difference being the fixed front part which contributes to high accuracy. The magazine capacity is once again limited to 10 rounds. The CZ 75 SP-01 Kadet has also borrowed the exceptional adjustable rear sight from the Shadow 2, although this one does not have fibre optics.

This model is offered as a separate adapter only, since the complete rimfire pistol would be prohibitively expensive due to the costs of the steel body manufacture.

*CZ Shadow 2 Kadet*

This is perhaps the most surprising addition to the family of CZ rimfire pistol conversions. It looks so good that many owners of the superb CZ Shadow 2 sporting special will probably think their pistol must make friends with the .22 LR cartridges too. 

Nevertheless, the design is similar to the CZ 75 SP-01, with the front part fixed too. However, the overall shape of this Kadet successfully copies the original large-calibre model design, including the engraving with the sweeping number 2 at the end. At first glance, the only significant difference from the 9 mm Luger version is the enlarged ejection port. The rear sight is again borrowed from the CZ Shadow 2 and the front sight is the same as the CZ 75 SP-01 Kadet.

This CZ Shadow 2 Kadet will be sold as a separate adapter only which can be attached quickly and easily by any owner of a large-calibre pistol.


Source: CZUB