20 November 2018

Pistol with the NATO symbol for General Petr Pavel

On Monday, 19 November, the main shareholder of Česká zbrojovka a.s., René Holeček, and the CZ Group President, Lubomír Kovařík, welcomed Army General Petr Pavel and his team, who worked with him for three years in a mission at NATO headquarters in Brussels, to the company shop of Česká zbrojovka a.s. in Prague.

General Pavel received a CZ P-10 pistol engraved with the NATO symbol from representatives of Česká zbrojovka. The pistol was made according to the specification of General Pavel for him and his team. René Holeček commented: “This great firearm is in the hands of a great man who excellently represented the Czech Republic and its army at the highest military post in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.” The President of CZ Group, Lubomír Kovařík, said: “I respect General Pavel as a soldier who has always shown his qualities. Whether it was on the UNPROFOR peacekeeping mission, as Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic or as Chairman of the NATO Military Committee. And at the end of his forty-two-year military career, I would like to wish him a lot of success in the next chapter of his life.” Army General Petr Pavel, in gratitude for being awarded by the top representatives of Česká zbrojovka, pointed out that Zbrojovka firearms had accompanied him for much of his military career. “And I am glad that Česká zbrojovka provides our army with quality weapons,” added General Pavel. “Therefore, when deciding to buy a gun, I did not hesitate at all and chose a product of Česká zbrojovka. I am also glad that Česká zbrojovka will send the money from the sale of my weapon to the Military Solidarity Fund.”

The members of Petr Pavel’s team then received CZ P-10 pistols, which were ordered as a reminder of a joint three-year mission at NATO in Brussels and specially made for them by Česká zbrojovka.

Army General Petr Pavel is a professional soldier, who held numerous command and staff positions in the Czechoslovak and Czech army, as well as in the structures of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. From 2015 to 2018, he served as the first General of the former Eastern Bloc as Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.