17 May 2019

Shooters of the CZ Shooting Team Won 9 Medals!

Last weekend viewed in the racing terms for practical shooting event under rules of IPSC shooting has proven as very successful for the shooters of Česká zbrojovka a.s. factory shooting team. Members of the CZ Shooting Team excelled at Mosquito Match in Slovakia, where they were awarded with 8 medals. Among shooters who won gold were Robin Šebo in OPEN Division, Martina Šerá in OPEN Lady Division, Michal Štěpán in PRODUCTION Division and Josef Rakušan in STANDARD Division.

As a great hit was the first appearance of Eric Grauffel, who started this year´s shooting season exclusively in the colours of CZ. Eric Grauffel was well ahead of other competitors and earned gold medal in PRODUCTION Division at Champagne Trophy in France using the CZ SHADOW 2 pistol.

Mosquito Match 2019, Komárno, Slovakia

Over the weekend of May 11 and 12, 2019 we have seen the Mosquito Match in Komárno, Slovakia. There came 370 shooters from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Austria, Russia, Slovakia and Slovenia. Competitors encountered with 20 challenging stages. The race took place under cold and variable weather with sunny spells and rain, which complicated individual stages with harmful mud.

The shooters of the CZ Shooting Team had to be there; they earned eight medals in total and managed to win in all three main divisions of the race (Open, Production and Standard). The CZ Shooting team shooters won in total four gold medals, three times silver and one bronze.

The OPEN Division was dominated by Robin Šebo, and Miroslav Havlíček took silver position. Martina Šerá ranked among man at the great seventh position and won victory in the OPEN Division – Lady Category. All competitors were using the CZ 75 TACTICAL SPORTS CZECHMATE pistol.

Victorious in the PRODUCTION Division was Michal Štěpán, leaving behind the Serb Ljubiša Momčilovič with a small loss of less than half percent, and shooting also in colours of CZ. Both these shooters were using pistols produced by CZ, i.e. the CZ SHADOW 2 specifically designed for target shooting events.

The first three positions of the STANDARD Division were dominated by shooters of the CZ Shooting Team, respectively Josef Rakušan, Petr Znamenáček and Zdeněk Liehne. Such success can be greatly attributed to the CZ 75 TACTICAL SPORTS ORANGE pistol.

Race Results:

OPEN Division

  1. Robin Šebo, CZ Shooting Team, 100 %
  2. Miroslav Havlíček, CZ Shooting Team, 95,85 %
  3. Christian Wilda, 85,37 %

OPEN Division – Lady

  1. Martina Šerá, CZ Shooting Team
  2. Katka Šustrová
  3. Celina Pawlik


  1. Michal Štěpán, CZ Shooting Team, 100 %
  2. Ljubiša Momčilovič (SER), CZ Shooting Team, 99,52 %
  3. Miroslav Zapletal, 96,28 %


  1. Josef Rakušan, CZ Shooting Team, 100 %
  2. Petr Znamenáček, CZ Shooting Team, 94,77 %
  3. Zdeněk Liehne, CZ Shooting Team, 93,06 %

Champagne Trophy, Vertus, France

The days of May 8 to 12, 2019 saw at the shooting range in Vertus, France a race under rules of IPSC shooting events named Champagne Trophy 2019. The race was attended by 430 shooters from Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland. Shooters were awaited by 14 challenging stages.

The CZ Shooting Team had there only one of its representatives, and it was Eric Grauffel, shooting with CZ SHADOW 2 in the PRODUCTION Division. Eric with his speed and precise shooting demonstrated that among other 158 competitors in his division is unrivalled. He defended his supremacy and gold medal by sovereign performance.

Race Results:


  1. Eric Grauffel (FRA), CZ Shooting Team, 100 %
  2. Oleg A. Nikitin (RUS), 74,38 %
  3. Alalin Busser (FRA), 73,83 %

We express our thanks to organizers of both races for ensuring their smooth running and at the same time we congratulate shooters for their excellent performance and we wish them every success in the following competitions.

*Robin Šebo*
*Martina Šerá*
*Michal Štěpán*
*Josef Rakušan*

*CZ Shooting Team*