7 September 2018

Tomáš Staněk European Champion in Combined Game Shooting! Czech shooter wins with Czech rifle

Between 29 June and 1 July, the 11th FITASC European Championship in Combined Game Shooting took place in Piancardato, Italy. The event, held at a beautiful shooting range 170 km north of Rome, saw Czech shooters and Czech weapons do their best. One of the shooters, Tomáš Staněk, a member of the CZ Shooting Team, gave a superb performance and became the European Champion.

The success of our Czech representatives is well deserved, as the competition was very strong indeed and the conditions were definitely not easy. Not only did the event host the best shooters from Europe but the temperatures stayed around 40°C.

The Championship consisted of two parts – a rifle event and a shotgun event, with the possible overall score of 800 points. The shotgun event was split into four parts with 100 points for each – two Compak sporting parts and two Universal trenches. In the rifle event, 20 were rounds shot at fixed targets (deer, fox, chamois and boar) and another 20 at three static targets (deer, fox and chamois). The highlight came with shooting at one moving target (wild boar) at a distance of 50 metres. This discipline is considered to be the most challenging in the whole competition as it is nearly always the one that decides the final ranking. In the rifle event, all the Czech shooters used the CZ 527 Varmint in .222 Remington calibre.

*Tomáš Staněk*
*Michaela Štenglová*

Source: CZUB

The best overall score was achieved by Tomáš Staněk from the CZ Shooting Team who was extremely delighted to become the new European Champion in combined game shooting, praising the Piancardato event: “I must say that this competition was the best European Championship I have ever experienced in my shooting career, the organizers did a marvellous job. I am overjoyed to have come out on top and beat some serious rivals. It is my dream come true.”

In the Women category, the gold medal went to another Czech shooter, Michaela Štenglová who also used the CZ 527 Varmint rifle.

The Czech national team and their CZ rifles were followed by the Austrians in second place and the Swedish team who came third. It is well worth mentioning that regarding game rifle shooting, the Czech representative team have been unrivalled for five years. This success has been significantly supported by the special variants of hunting rifles, developed especially for this purpose at CZ.

Combined game shooting is an attractive sport event based on general hunting practices. Its uniqueness, as the name suggests, lies in the combination of shotgun shooting at clay targets and rifle shooting at fixed paper targets or a running boar paper target. Both Czech shooters and Czech weapons have ranked at the European top for many years.

The overall results:


  1. Tomáš Staněk (CZE), CZ Shooting Team, 779 points
  2. Helmut Rosskopf (AUT), 775 points
  3. Andras Varga (HUN), 775 points


  1. Michaela Štenglová (CZE), 750 points
  2. Lina Laine (FIN), 741 points
  3. Christine Liebelt (GER), 659 points


  1. Czech Republic
  2. Austria
  3. Sweden

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